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Given the onset of droughts, bushfires, and the global pandemic, in 2020 our OT Week theme is: Resilience: Supporting our communities to rebuild, recover, and reengage. This year the event not only shined a spotlight on the value of occupational therapy in our communities, but also serves as a call to arms to support those hardest hit.

In 2020 our OT Week Event featured a selection of thought leaders to discuss and promote resilience in our communities.

Event Access

This recorded webinar is hosted online and participants will be sent a link to the recording to view the video.

Invited Speakers

Professor Lisa Gibbs
Professor Lisa Gibbs is Director of the Child and Community Wellbeing Program in the Centre for Health Equity, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne. She is also Lead of Community Resilience in the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety.

She leads public health research relating to two main fields: 1) disaster recovery and community resilience, including leadership of the Beyond Bushfires study and 2) child health and wellbeing. These two fields intersect through her research on child resilience. She is committed to working in partnership with key stakeholders to ensure the relevance of her research, translating into direct policy and practice outcomes.

Dr Leanne Beagley
Leanne Beagley has been the Chief Executive Officer at Mental Health Australia since April 2020. Her background includes clinical qualifications in Occupational Therapy and Family Therapy, as well as a Masters of Business Leadership and a PhD in Psychology in organisational culture and performance.

Prior to working at Mental Health Australia Leanne worked for Western Victoria Primary Health Network as the Chief Executive Officer for three years. With 15 years’ experience in direct mental health care in clinical settings in Melbourne, Leanne is also a former Director of Mental Health and Drugs at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, a role she held for five years.

She also has a range of experience as a non-executive Director on a variety of Boards including the Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre, Tweddle Child and Family Health Centre, and Eating Disorders Victoria.

Dr Samantha Ashby
Dr Samantha Ashby is an associate professor in occupational therapy in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Newcastle. She has a varied clinical background having worked in education, mental health practice, physical rehabilitation and occupational rehabilitation since graduating in 1987 from the London School of Occupational Therapy.

Her research contributes to the profession through increasing understanding of how professional resilience is impacted by the use of  theory in everyday practice, occupation-based practice and professional identity. Her work raises awareness of the strategies required to combat the impact of dominant discourses and other occupational stressors in practice for clinicians, managers and educators and how to improve a practitioner’s career longevity and retention in the workforce.

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