Access to EAPAA membership and provision of OT mental health services via EAP providers

Following discussions with Employee Assistance Professional Association Australia (EAPAA) last year, EAPAA has confirmed the ability of mental health OTs to practice in employee assistance programs (EAPs) along with psychologists, counsellors and social workers.

Appropriately experienced mental health occupational therapists can apply for full membership with EAPAA. Those wishing to apply will need to be Better Access to Mental Health endorsed through OTA and have an individual statement of ongoing supervision in relation to Mental Health work and Counselling. 

We hope that this will lead to further opportunities for all of us to bring EAPAA and the wider mental health community new insights, broader experiences and deeper collegiality.

In November last year, Erin Garner, OTA’s General Manager of Occupational Therapy Professional Practice presented to EAPAA members at their conference, to raise awareness among EAPAA members of what mental health occupational therapists do. OTA is working with EAPAA to continue to build upon that awareness. 

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