ATSA Independent Living Expo 2022: Brisbane and Sydney

What an absolute pleasure it was to be a part of the ATSA Independent Living Expos held in Brisbane and Sydney during May.

We saw so many OTs and OT students all in the one place benefitting from the many exhibitors present showcasing the latest in assistive technology, rehabilitation and aged care equipment, employment support options and other services. 

OTA was pleased to have a booth at both events to provide a central point for OTs and OT students to find out more about what their professional association has been doing over the past 12 months. It was also great to see many consumers come by the booth to find out more about occupational therapy and how it may assist them. Many exhibitors also visited the booth, keen to partner with OTA and connect with occupational therapists. A big thank you to the volunteers who assisted in Brisbane and Sydney to enable the smooth running of the booths.

We also pass on our thanks to the OTs who volunteered their time and expertise to be a part of the ATSA seminar program with OTA running a panel discussion at both events on OTs exploring assistive technology assessment, prescription, process and funding. These panel discussions were well received that we even won an award at the Brisbane event for the session with the most pre-registrations by attendees. Such an honour and pleased to see so many attendees willing to learn more on this topic.

Please see below some happy snaps we took along the way.


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