Changes to NDIS Worker Screening Arrangements

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission continue to implement a nationally consistent NDIS worker screening arrangement. This arrangement includes the roll out of an NDIS Worker Screening Database and NDIS Worker Screening. 

The NDIS Worker Screening Check enables a screened worker to deliver services and supports in any state or territory.  The NDIS Worker Screening Database which the NDIS Commission is responsible for operating and maintaining provides a central register of all cleared and excluded workers from all states and territories enabling national portability of clearances.

Registered NDIS providers delivering supports and services to NDIS participants must comply with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Practice Standards—Worker Screening) Rules 2018.  Registered NDIS providers must only engage workers in 'risk assessed roles' who have an NDIS worker screening clearance.

The transitional period for worker screening requirements has now ended in all states and territories.  However some of the acceptable checks from the transitional period can continue to be utilised to meet the worker screening obligations. These acceptable checks are only applicable to the state or territory that they have originated from and are not portable to another state or territory. An overview of the arrangements that continue to be acceptable for each state and territory is available with more comprehensive information contained in the NDIS Transitional and Special Arrangements report.

For more information and to apply for a NDIS Worker Screening Check in your state or territory, click on the links below:

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