OTA Calls for Mandatory Vaccination for All Health Care Settings

OTA Calls for Mandatory Vaccinations for All Health Care Settings

Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA) is calling for the mandatory vaccination of all Australian health care professionals and their employees with an alignment across jurisdictions to provide both safety and clarity for staff, employers and the communities which they serve.

“Health professionals and their staff who work with vulnerable cohorts of our community may inadvertently pose, and be exposed to, significant risk at this time of pandemic“ OTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Samantha Hunter said.

“We have seen how despite stringent protocols this virus has continued to spread. The risk of either contracting or passing on COVID-19 is demonstrably mitigated by the simple and sensible act of vaccination. Accordingly, governments should act to make the vaccination of health professionals and their staff mandatory.

“Governments should also work to align public health orders, and thereby achieve consistency across the country. Many health professionals work within or operate private practices and are struggling to understand the full legal implications of non vaccinated staff - both health professionals and support staff. Immediate clarification will relieve stress on practitioners and importantly help to protect the community” Ms Hunter said.

OTA calls on governments across the country to cooperate for national alignment and fully supports AHPRA’s position of vaccination of health professionals. With many of Australia’s 24,600 registered occupational therapists working and/or operating a private practice we strongly encourage private practices to understand their current legal obligations to their staff and their responsibility to their clients.

Members can access the following resource from our HR partner, WorkPlacePLUS on Mandating COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace



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