OTA Endorses Ahpra COVID-19 Vaccination Position Statement

Ahpra has published a joint statement to help registered health practitioners and students understand what’s expected of them in giving, receiving and advising on information about COVID-19 vaccines. OTA endorses the statement, which, as the national vaccination program gets underway, encourages registered health practitioners and students to:

  • Be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless medically contraindicated
  • Be appropriately qualified and trained to administer COVID-19 vaccines if authorised
  • Provide accurate information and advice about COVID-19 vaccination including in social media and advertising

Read Ahpra’s full update and access the statement here. Ahpra is also providing a free COVID-19 Vaccination Q&A session next week with leading researchers to provide further clarification on the vaccination rollout. We are also pleased to provide the Australian Government's Department of Health update on protecting older Australians.

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