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OT Week 2022 Collage

We asked our community of Occupational Therapists and recipients of OT care "What does OT mean to you" as part of OT Week this year. Here's what we got back from our wonderful community.

natalie harbour profile photo

Natalie Harbour

For me, Occupational Therapy means doing ordinary things, achieving extraordinary results for the clients that access our service. There is nothing more satisfying then receiving thanks and a smile from a client because they're able to achieve a goal, that they previously couldn't.

We have a chance to make a real difference for our clients in many areas of their lives including improving access the community, engaging in leisure activities, preventing falls, right down to simple tasks such as being able to independently put on socks. We are part of a fantastic profession that continues to adapt to the needs of our valued clients. Happy OT Week!

zach isaac profile photo

Zach Isaac

I love the people that I work with and the gratitude they demonstrate. You can see it in their faces and the way they treat you, people are genuinely grateful and thankful to have you in their home.

I love the challenges that you face trying to overcome different obstacles. Thinking outside the box can be difficult at times, but is more rewarding when a unique or alternate way can be done to achieve a desired outcome.

I love working as a team. Working with others including other health professionals, family members, stakeholders, etc. When a team is dynamic and receptive, it is amazing to see the results that can come. Some of the best outcomes I've seen have come from great teams where everybody contributes and works towards the same outcomes/goals.

emma gee profile photo

Emma Gee

What OT means to me?

  1. Managing my physical and emotional recovery by incorporating meaning into my life again
  2. Using meaningful occupation to reinvent myself
  3. Holistically adapting my new realm so that I can participate in everything again
  4. Focusing on my ability and strengths!
  5. Modifying ALL my environments so I can live independently!
  6. Educating others in my supports so I can continue to live independently, still contribute to society & sustain meaningful relationships and my everyday rehabilitation.
  7. Feeling valued, empowered and believed in to engage in what I love again!
  8. Supported to practise adapting my life using meaningful activity
  9. Drawing on my lived experience as a stroke survivor and fellow OT to participate in life optimally again!
  10. Relearning how to reinvent myself By focussing on what I CAN do!
Michelle Oliver profile photo

Michelle Oliver

The privilege to work with and for people to improve their quality of life. I feel proud to be an OT.

janine hoult profile photo

Janine Hoult

What OT means to me is improving function in a meaningful way that gives people the independence and support to do what they want with their lives

carol jewell profile photo

Carol Jewell

I love working alongside people to help them overcome the everyday challenges they may face from a health condition or disability. I am frequently humbled and amazed by how so many of them overcome adversity to live a full and active life. It is a privilege part of their life journey, and be able to help them achieve their goals, hopes and dreams.

kate laver profile photo

Kate Laver

It is around working collaboratively with other health professionals and the client and family to overcome challenges. OTs aspire to promote independence, autonomy and quality of life.

sophie chiswell profile photo

Sophie Chiswell

Three things I love about the work of OT are that we get to work with a broad range of clients from all walks of life, we have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life through assisting them to participate in their valued occupations, and we have the opportunity to be creative and fabricate different solutions for each unique client!

Erin Garner profile photo

Erin Garner

To me, OT means supporting people to participate in the activities in their lives that are important to them.

adam lo profile photo

Adam Lo

Occupational Therapy OT is about skilfully co-creating a meaningful life with people who are presented with a diversity of experiences - mentally, physically or spiritually within their environments.

The best thing about OTA membership is being To be a part of the peak body that represents our profession. The opportunity to represent and make a difference across a number of possible roles - whether it be a member of the State/Territory Divisional Councils, Convenor or members of a Special Interests Group (SIG), committee member of a national advisory group, or the WFOT (World Federation of Occupational Therapists) Delegate for Australia and a Board Member…they are all opportunities available to us that I had the privilege to be a part of.

Chris Pearce profile photo

Chris Pearce

OT Australia has provided me with many opportunities to be involved and network with other therapists and activities across Australia which I would not normally interact with over the course of my ordinary week.

To me Occupational Therapy means seeing opportunity where others see limitations.

Gaynor Gray profile photo

Gaynor Gray

Occupational Therapy to me means supporting all people to reach their goals and live a meaningful life.

Rebecca Watson-Brown profile photo

Rebecca Watson-Brown

Professionally - OT has given me the ability to support people in a meaningful way and add value to their lives; it is a privilege to be able to do this and something I don't take for granted.

Personally - it is one of best decisions I ever made. I have met wonderful people; I have been able to continue to develop my skill set and advance my career while also getting to travel the world!

Christina Wyatt profile photo

Christina Wyatt

OT means being able to see opportunities and strengths in every situation

Rachel Knight profile photo

Rachel Knight

OT means supporting people to live the life they want to live. It's about cultivating our own unique story and being a meaningful part of others stories.

OTA membership enables me to be part of the collective driving force for the profession. There are opportunities to be part of the solution in building our discipline and most importantly, connecting with like-minded colleagues nationally.

Ainsleigh Whelan profile photo

Ainsleigh Whelan

What OT Means to Me?

Empowering independence, reaching goals!

Demi Barr profile photo

Demi Barr

What OT Means to Me?

Supporting individuals to do what they need to do, and LOVE to do!

Jess Moller profile photo

Jess Moller

What OT Means to Me?

Helping people to live well in the community.

Mikhaila Carroll profile photo

Mikhaila Carroll

What OT Means to Me?

Empowering others to achieve what is important to them!

Tiannah Peters profile photo

Tiannah Peters

What OT Means to Me?

Listening and building rapport with clients :)

Kate Moore

What does OT mean to you? OT is such a central part of who I am as a person and also in my family life (with my husband and I running our private practice at MRO these past 12 years). The communication skills, problem solving approach, collaboration with others and OT frameworks I apply to my every day life, and I continue to find new passion and opportunities each year in my work.

Karen Brown profile photo

Karen Brown

OT gives people the opportunity to live their best life, doing what is meaningful to them.

pat whitelaw profile photo

Pat Whitelaw

What OT means to me is the chance to help others see the world in a different, alternative way, and to promote occupational participation.

Lauren Jackson profile photo

Lauren Jackson

OT is a job without limits. The scope of where we can help is so varied that you can't get bored. There's always opportunity to change things up and keep things interesting - try a new area, use and add to my skill, meet new people and new challenges, keep things interesting and all while still keeping true to the focus of OT - meaning, purpose and participation!

Sangi Solanki profile photo

Sangi Solanki

What OT means to me?

Freedom, quality of life and independence with my passion to see people achieving their potential by accepting the changes that life brings in.

Jenny Gribbin profile photo

Jenny Gribbin

What OT means to me?

I'm in driving and vehicle modifications, so my role is to help people get back to driving or accessing a vehicle, so they can get out and about in the community to do what they need to and love to do - handover day driving out in their vehicle is the best day!

Angela Berndt profile photo

Angela Berndt

Growth - we are constantly growing in our impact and in understanding how we do what we do. Personally, because being an OT has meant nonstop growth for 35 years. For someone with a low boredom threshold, that's a good thing. You must lean in though, it's not always easy.

Diversity - we can support people to live their lives and obtain their goals across so many sectors; individual, group, family, and community levels. But also, diversity in the people taking up the profession in our country and across the globe

Values - as our scope and diversity grows, by challenging ourselves and staying true to our core, our value add to the sectors in which we work can remain focused despite distraction, turbulence and change.

Opportunity - this profession has nurtured me personally and professionally and I wouldn't be who I am without it.

Sinead Bryant profile photo

Sinead Bryant

OT has helped an OT!

This year in particular, OT has made the difference between being able to be the best version of myself to parent my children in my home and an environment that works for me and my vision loss. It has allowed me to gain back control and inspired my creativity. OT has allowed me to be proud of what I do and what my profession does for others. I am an Occupational Therapist but I also have a vision impairment. I work with Assistive Technology at VisAbility. I am now a mum to a 3 year old and 1 year old so have had to learn how to navigate parenthood with vision loss. Please see the article and video my work did on me for OT week. I hope it helps others out there. I felt I owed it to others to share my story so mothers can not feel alone and we can continue to learn from each other.

Anni Raggatt profile photo

Anni Raggatt

OT means walking alongside people to support them with where they are at and where they are hoping to go.

Nicole de la Perrelle profile photo

Nicole de la Perrelle

OT means being part of a creative and caring profession that makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s such a meaningful and valuable profession but one that also comes with its challenges too. Personally, I am passionate about helping other OTs be the best OT they can be for their clients, to achieve the best outcomes, confidently and without burning out.

Caleb Ngetich profile photo

Caleb Ngetich

It means being creative and inventive to enable people live independent, productive and satisfying life.

Philippa Veerman profile photo

Philippa Veerman

What I love about being an OT is the privilege of being invited into someone's home, and being able to make small or big changes that positively impact their lives.

Sally Pearman profile photo

Sally Pearman

OT to me is helping people to live their best possible life! It's such a wonderful, caring, diverse, creative, fun and rewarding profession. We can make such a huge difference to someone's well-being and happiness.

Patrick Dodds profile photo

Patrick Dodds

Whether the goal is greater choice, inclusion, or new possibilities; being an OT affords us the privilege of joining people for a few hours along one small stage of their lifelong journey. The breadth of scope of practice for OT can be challenging, but gives us an incredible opportunity to empower people in all aspects of life.

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