OT Week 2019

OT Week 2019: 21-27 October 2019

During OT Week 2019 we reflected on and promoted the value of occupational therapy. Out in the community, we often receive the question “What is occupational therapy?”, and so for 2019 we shined a spotlight on how OTs work to support people of all abilities to engage in activities they find meaningful.

How You Celebrated #ThisIsOT

2019 has been our biggest OT Week yet as we have come together to celebrate and promote the valuable work of OTs in our communities (as clinicians, academics, researchers, managers and further abroad!).

Through the hashtag of #ThisIsOT, people have shared stories from their OT journey, learnings to offer, team photos, information on their practice area, and why they love OT! Together, we’ve created a visual dictionary of OT in action—browse the posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We had 200+ people celebrated the profession through the hashtag of #ThisIsOT, reaching over 300,000 people across social media.

Below we’ve collated photos from #OTWeek2019 events across the country. Thank you to everyone who has helped shine a spotlight on how OTs work to support people of all abilities to engage in activities they find meaningful.

Sydney OT Week Celebration: Linda Elliott (left) Chair NSW Divisional Council, Lynette Mackenzie (middle) OTA Board and WFOT Delegate and Sofia (right), an OT from Uruguay who just happened to be at an event next door, saw the banner for OTA, and was thrilled to meet OTs from Australia, especially as she said there are only 30 OTs in all of Uruguay!

20 Brisbane OTs attended an OT Week breakfast celebration where Professor Matthew Molineux from Griffith University presented a thought-provoking talk on “aha moments” where we recognise that yes we have made the correct career choice; the power of occupation. Members also farewelled, thanked and acknowledged the contribution made by John Trent who is stepping down from his role as Divisional Manager. John, your enthusiasm and passion for the association will be missed!

Samantha Hunter, OTA CEO, presenting at the WA Annual Divisional Meeting

National OT on a Mental Health Walk at Albert Park

OTs at Guide Dogs Victoria assisting people with low vision glasses to make toast safely. Guide Dogs Victoria have OTs but they don’t work only with the dogs—only 30% of the services are dog related!

Whyalla OTs learning about the founders of OT in the F.U.N region during OT Week

Bendigo OT Week Breakfast where Leanne Healy and Elise Halloran presented to the group at La Trobe Health Bendigo

  OT Week feature in the Bendigo Advertiser

Eddie Ripard at the OTA breakfast event in Canberra

Kathryn Denton receiving the FIVEaa and Community Living Australia Healthcare Hero Award for 2019 (Allied Health)

Victorian OTs on a tour of Kevin Heinze Grow: Gardening for Recreation, Occupation and Wellbeing

'Ben the Bandit' presenting at the OT Week Celebration event at South West Health, Warrnambool

Thirty OTs from Albury/Wodonga came together to celebrate OT Week

42 OTs attended the annual Bundaberg OT Breakfast, held annually to celebrate OT Week

The Eastern Health Occupational Therapy OT Week Celebration: Full of inspirational speakers, well deserved award winners and lots of conversation

RAR Therapy’s amazing OT in Ayr baked these cookies to celebrate OT week with their team and clients

National OT’s morning tea celebration where Madeleine Horton shared the empowering quote “Medicine adds days to life, Occupational Therapy life to days”

SA OT Week Celebration: Elizabeth McHugh SA DC Chair, Marilyn Patterson WFOT President, and Angela Berndt OTA President

Sydney Kids at Randwick set up a stall at the front of the hospital with treats and smiley OT faces!

Echuca OTs celebrating OT week by playing mini golf and having dinner out together

Northern Tasmania OT Week dinner at Alchemy Restaurant

Hobart OT Week Celebration at Bar Wa Izakaya

Afford Occupational Therapists, clients, family and friends making ‘some noise’ about the benefits of occupational therapy to individuals living with disability!  For a full write-up of the event visit the Afford Occupational Therapist blog.

TAD Staff putting the FUN in functional at their Northmead bike track in celebration of Occupational Therapy Week!

SHOTS OT Week Lunch


What Is OT Video


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