Paeds and PhDs: The University of Queensland’s Post Graduate Research Conference

Occupational Therapy Australia was pleased to support prizes for the University of Queensland’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Post Graduate Research Conference, which was held on 4 December 2020.

The conference showcased recent research undertaken by Higher Degree Research and Honours students in Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiology and Speech Pathology.

Occupational therapy PhD candidate Lachlan Kerley claimed the Phonak Prize for the best paediatric presentation, for his presentation titled: “Functioning in parents of children with persistent pain: A role for attachment and sensory processing patterns?” by Lachlan Kerley, Pamela Meredith, Paul Harnett, Cate Sinclair, and Jenny Strong.

The study extends current research by examining whether parent and child attachment patterns and child sensory processing patterns are related to parent functioning in families of children with persistent pain.

Lachlan’s PhD began by investigating why individuals with high sensory sensitivity frequently also exhibited high levels of attachment insecurity. His research has evolved to explore the relationships between sensory processing patterns, attachment patterns, autonomic nervous system functioning, and childhood experiences. As part of his research, Lachlan is developing an integrated model of arousal regulation that considers the role of sensory processing, attachment, and environmental factors. In his research and practice, Lachlan strives to support individuals to understand and regulate their bodily and emotional responses to stimuli, which helps lay the foundation for secure social relationships and facilitates engagement in meaningful life roles.

The presentation can be viewed here on YouTube.

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