Registering Motorised Mobility Devices in Queensland

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads considering amendments to increase the weight limit for registration of motorised mobility devices.

Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA) and Maurice Blackburn recently wrote to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads regarding the requirements for registration of motorised mobility devices in Queensland.

Queensland is the only State Territory that requires the registration of motorised mobility devices. This is welcomed as registration of these devices enables the user to attain free Government-provided compulsory third party insurance. However, under current rules, to register the motorised mobility device, the device needs to have a maximum unladen weight under 150kg. This is often not realistic for heavily modified devices and can result in users either not registering their devices (to avoid paying hefty insurance fees) or not listing the correct weight on their registration application, putting themselves at high risk if an accident were to occur.

OTA are very pleased to have received a response from the Minister’s office, citing that this is on the agenda for change:

the Department of Transport and Main Roads is considering a framework for regulatory amendments to increase the unladen mass of motorised mobility devices. These changes are intended to ensure users can access a device that best suits their needs and reflects the outcomes of a national project, led by the National Transport Commission, which considered a range of industry and user perspectives.

The response also states that:

once made, these changes will flow through to registration requirements addressing the concerns raised regarding broader access to gratuitous third party insurance.

Thank you to those OTA members who have continued to highlight this issue – we look forward to the these proposed changes.

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