Why every school should have an Occupational Therapist

We are aware of the increasing challenges faced by those of your practicing in this area. OTA’s CEO Sam Hunter recently wrote an opinion piece on the subject, published in the The Educator Australia in response to an ABC News article about access fees at Queensland public schools blocking OTs from seeing students.  

Sam also spoke with ABC radio...

Alongside this, OTA has been working to explain to Government the benefits of employing occupational therapists in schools and the importance of embedding allied health therapeutic interventions, specifically OTs, into education settings. We’re urging Governments to fund the direct employment of allied health professionals, such as occupational therapists, within their departments of education and to establish well-resourced multidisciplinary teams at the regional level.

It is our hope that these measures will support easier access to schools by OTs and move schools towards inclusive education for all. We’ve provided submissions to inquiries occurring in NSW and South Australia.

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