Board Nominations 2020

As Australia's professional association for occupational therapy, Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA) fosters evidence-based practice, enables lifelong learning and promotes the future of occupational therapy. OTA exists to support occupational therapists to support their community. We are seeking a suitably qualified and experienced individual in management services to contribute their knowledge as a valued Board member.

OTA is seeking passionate, engaged, strategic thinkers in our community who want to enhance their career and make a positive difference in their profession.

Board Director Positions

The Board has two (2) vacancies. Under the constitution members will vote for one (1) of these positions to be filled and the Nominations Committee will make a recommendation to fill the second position. 

WFOT Delegate

In addition to these two positions, OTA is seeking nominations for the WFOT Delegate. Nomination and appointment for the WFOT delegate position requires a commitment of 12 years to WFOT and OTA activities. In Australia we progress through three levels each lasting 4 years. The person voted by members to this position will commence as the First Alternate delegate at the AGM in 2020 and will progress to the WFOT Delegate and OTA Board member in 2024. 

About You

We are seeking to appoint members of Occupational Therapy Australia to the Board. We are looking for people, who have been a member of Occupational Therapy Australia for at least two years and who can demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • Strong business skills, including experience in commercialisation, budget management and experience in corporate governance
  • Great communication skills
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Behaviour to the highest ethical standards in the best interests of the organisation
  • Passion for giving back to the community as a volunteer
  • Commitment to be an active member of a small dedicated team

About the Board Director Position

In line with the OTA Constitution, appointments to the board are for a two-year period with a maximum of 5 terms (i.e. 10 years). 

Board members will:

  • Prepare for, attend and follow up on Board meeting activities (usually between 4 and 6 meetings are held per year, generally outside of business hours);
  • Engage in one or more Board Committees, and prepare, attend and follow up from the relevant meetings;
  • Assist in setting the strategic direction of the organisation;
  • Assist in monitoring the organisational performance including financial and legal compliance; and
  • Assist in ensuring appropriate stakeholder engagement and good governance.

The Board Director positions are voluntary. Costs for travel, accommodation and meals will be covered for face-to-face meetings. 

OTA Board members are also the Trustees of the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Foundation.

About the WFOT Delegate Position

In line with the requirements of WFOT and the OTA constitution and operations, the WFOT Delegate role is a position that requires a commitment of 12 years to WFOT and OTA activities. 

In Australia, we progress through three levels each lasting 4 years. The first 4 years is in the First Alternate Delegate role. This period of time allows you to become familiar with WFOT policies and procedures.

The second four years of the role see progression to the WFOT Delegate role where you are the primary representative for OTA to WFOT, and become a Board member of OTA (including the role of Trustee for the OTA Research Foundation). In addition to the requirements of an OTA Board Director, the WFOT Delegate attends WFOT Council Meetings, continues to engage in WFOT project work, committees and policy development.

The third four-year term is as Second Alternate Delegate. In this role you provide advice and support to the First Alternate Delegate and WFOT Delegate, while continuing to undertake activities as part of the WFOT Program area you have been associated with. 

The WFOT Delegate and Alternate roles are voluntary. Costs for travel accommodation and meals for the Delegate are covered for OTA Board meetings and WFOT meetings. The First Alternate and Second Alternate generally cover their own travel and accommodation to WFOT meetings and congress. 

Nomination Requirements

In the case that you make a nomination and meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be presented to members for voting.  

Those looking to nominate should provide the following items in their application, which will be uploaded to the OTA website for members to view, guiding their engagement in the voting process:

  • One-page biography that provides an overview of your skills and experience against the key skills and experience being sought for the board. Namely, strong business skills including experience in commercialization, budget management and experience in corporate governance
  • High resolution photo
  • 90 second video recording which will be used by OTA to let members hear what you would bring to the role

Nominations close 2 October, 2020.


Members will be provided with information from nominees, information on the roles, and responsibilities of a board member in order to enable them to vote. Voting will open in October 2020.


All nominees will be advised of the outcome under embargo prior to the Board members being announced at the AGM in November 2020.

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