Improving Fire Safety for TAC Clients with Vulnerable Care Needs

The TAC is working to reduce the fire risk for clients with vulnerable care needs.      

As part of this effort, occupational therapists are now more likely to receive a TAC referral to conduct an assessment of a client’s fire safety in conjunction with Fire Rescue Victoria.

The TAC claims manager who sends you the referral will include targeted questions and guidance about what you are being asked to do.

The referral may be to:

  • complete a capacity assessment to help ensure a client’s safety in the event of an in-home fire emergency,
  • assist with a client’s emergency planning based on recommendations, or
  • co-attend a Fire Rescue Victoria in-home fire safety assessment

These assessments will help ensure that our clients with vulnerable care needs:

  • are linked in with community professional resources (Fire Rescue Victoria and Country Fire Authority) so they can understand their own risk and consider home fire escape planning
  • have capacity to transfer, mobilise and exit their building, independently or with support
  • can carry out basic fire survival tips as recommended by the Country Fire Authority

Any further questions about a referral can be directed to the client’s claims manager.

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