Mandatory Vaccination of Aged Care Allied Health Workers

National Cabinet have mandated that all workers in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) receive at least their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine by mid-September 2021. This includes Occupational Therapists working in a full time, part time or casual capacity and those employed by the RACF or engaged by the resident to work on-site. Occupational Therapy students placed in RACFs and those who volunteer in these settings are also mandated.

Eligible workers, irrespective of age, are entitled to receive a Pfizer vaccine. There are several measures that are available to expedite RACF worker vaccination:

  • Maximum 7 day wait from day of request for GP administered vaccinations
  • Financial support for casual workers to attend off-site vaccination clinics
  • Vaccination hubs for residential aged care workforce

State and Territory specific health orders are being developed and may differ slightly from the National mandate. We encourage our members to seek clarification from the Health Authority in their area. Information on the National Cabinet’s position regarding this mandate, including eligibility and exemptions. More information can be found on the Department of Health website. 

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