Policy and Advocacy Aged Care Update July

OTA is preparing a submission to a consultation on the development of Quality Indicators for Home Care, due on 9 July. OTA considers these Quality Indicators to be an important mechanism for supporting older people to maintain their independence and quality of life. However, OTA believes that the indicators must support and link to the Aged Care Quality Standards, and thereby contribute to the delivery of high-quality services, and to the achievement of the goals and needs of older people receiving these services. In our submission we make several recommendations to support improved quality of care and outcomes for older people, including the development of additional indicators. 

OTA collaborated with AHPA and other allied health peaks to develop a submission on the Star Rating system.β€―In our submission we raised concerns regarding the lack of transparency with the current system noting that many providers can achieve three stars or more despite having significant non-compliance with the Quality Standards.β€―We have called for a better system to support older people and their families to clearly identify the range of services offered by aged care providers, including greater reference to reablement and restorative care services and allied health services.β€― 

On 1 July 2024 a new single assessment workforce and new aged care assessment tool came into effect with older people entering the aged care system from this date undertaking a new assessment called the Integrated Assessment Tool.β€― OTA met with members of the Department of Health and Aged Care to discuss the work underway to implement the tool and the next stages of this work as Support at Home commences in 2025.  

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