(VIC) TAC and SWEP Expansion of OT Credentialing

The TAC partnered with the State-Wide Equipment Program (SWEP) in November 2019 to manage the registration and credentialing of occupational therapists (OTs) for assistive technology.

SWEP credentialing allows the TAC to identify and remunerate OTs for their skills and experience and match them to a TAC client’s level of complexity and service requirements.

The TAC recognises the crucial role OTs play in delivering positive client outcomes and has implemented SWEP credentialing for OTs while considering its use for other allied health professions in the future.

In response to sector feedback, and after stakeholder consultation, the TAC is now expanding its use of SWEP credentialing to all other essential OT services.

These services are reflected in a new SWEP category, ‘Capacity and Performance Evaluation’ (CAPE), which includes OT treatment and treatment plans, as well as capacity-based assessments and reviews.

From 17 August 2020, SWEP registered OTs can invoice the TAC for all elements of their service provision according to their assigned credentialing level for a service type.

The TAC prioritises OTs registered with SWEP when searching for providers in a TAC client’s local area and is now asking OTs to:

  • Register and complete a credentialing application with SWEP before 17 August 2020, or if already SWEP registered, complete an application to update their experience and expertise under the new CAPE category.
  • From 17 August 2020, invoice the TAC based on their assigned SWEP credentials for that service type.

OTs who were previously approved by the TAC as ‘Framework OTs’ will be paid based on their SWEP credentialing for all services. The TAC no longer operates the Framework Occupational Therapy service model.

TAC fees for OT services will remain the same, noting that annual indexation increases take effect on 1 July 2020.

More information about SWEP

If you’re not already registered with SWEP, you can register for free at https://swep.service-now.com/csm  

Details related to The Standard for CAPE and the various credentialing levels – green, amber and red – can be found at https://swep.bhs.org.au/the-standard.php.Table 1 in The Standard: CAPE outlines the requirements to be met for each level and the application types available.

General information about SWEP is available at https://swep.bhs.org.au/for-prescribers.php

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the TAC Disability Stakeholder Engagement Team at disability_stakeholder_engagement@tac.vic.gov.au

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